The Renegades


Webster’s dictionary defines a “renegade” as “an individual who rejects conventional behavior”. The MidWest Renegade Equestrian Drill team is always looking for new, exciting, fun ways to bring the thrill of drill to their audiences. Since 2004 the MidWest Renegades Equestrian Drill Team from Woodstock, Illinois has been dedicated to providing quality entertainment for their audiences while keeping the fun in riding.

In addition to the challenges of maintaining the choreography of position, distance and speed the use of flags requires extra skill, determination and training. Horses can get scared when their rider is carrying a flag, or when other riders with flags approach them. Riders with flags are required to operate the reins with one hand and maintain flag position with the other. The Midwest Renegades have performed several different drills with flags and other thematic props. Our teams are often honored to open events with a flag presentation which includes our National Anthem. The privilege of presenting our Country's standard is one that we cherish, and we strive to carefully adhere to proper flag protocol in all of our performances.

Your Midwest Renegades!

Lisa and Rizzo

Lisa became a part of the Midwest Renegades by accident. Since she worried about her daughter, Kendra doing tricks with the Dare Devils, she became the “team tag-a-long.” With her gymnastics background, it was a natural fit to help coach the tricks and become ground crew for the team. The horses, the barn and the team are her therapy!

Jenny and Outlaw

Jenny Vlahos started riding at 7 years old. She started out riding hunter/jumper, and then went on to 3 day eventing. A move out west and some time working at a couple guest ranches in Wyoming and Arizona gave her an incredible opportunity to really learn western riding.

Nicole and Cash

After cheering on her parents and the rest of the Renegades for years, this is Nicole and Cash's first year riding with the drill team. For the past 15 years Nicole has been showing in Western, English, and jumping events on anything from local, breed, collegiate, and national levels. Nicole continues to show her horse Hottie, but wanted to broaden her horizons and join the fun of the Midwest Renegades with her sister's horse, Cash! Cash is a quality pleasure horse who enjoys showing anywhere - including his position in drill.

Rick and Mighty Mac

As one of the senior members of the MidWest Renegades Rick has enjoyed his role as Director of Semi-important jobs! Whether it’s fixing a flat tire as the team roles down the highway, filling in as announcer, editing the performance videos, or attaching those stubborn spur straps, he has enjoyed being a part of the team. Rick rides Mac, a North American Spotted draft. He’s a special horse (not to mention very good looking) that tolerates Rick’s weak spots & enjoys riding drill as much as he does.

Megan and Ruby

I got my first horse 3 years ago and she has taught me so much about patience and myself in general. Ruby is a firecracker just like me, always up for a challenge. I have always looked to belong to a horse team however living in Lombard when I was little didn’t allow for that. When I found The Renegades it seemed like such a great fit, I couldn’t be happier to be a part of such an amazing team of horse people


Lisa and Sailor

Lisa started riding at the age of 7 with a background in hunter/jumpers. As an adult she became hooked on eventing and dressage. Since her daughter joined the Dirt Devil Drill team in 2015, Lisa became intrigued with western riding and wanted to become a part of the Renegades Drill team. She is thrilled to be a part of  such a great group of people and excited to continue to improve her riding skills and her understanding of horses.

Laura and Gunnar

Laura started riding as an adult taking lessons when the budget would allow. She dabbled and brought the kids to the barn to keep horse time in the routine. The Fry girls share-boarded a drill horse and a whole new world came into view. Only through the confidence born of excellent instruction, family support and the partnership with Gunnar was it possible to step up from cheerleader and grounds crew for the Dirt Devils to be a rider as well.

Audra and Caspian

Audra has worked with horses in Illinois, Wisconsin, Georgia and Florida. About a year into some serious French Classical Dressage training Audra bought a grey Andalusian named Caspian. They have enjoyed 5 years of lessons, training and liberty with a parade or two thrown in. As a Graphic Design student and MidWest Renegade Audra can envision the future with a continued passion for horses.

Roxanne 20150705

Roxanne and Danny

Roxanne has had a love for horses since about age 11. As a kid she enjoyed barrel racing and trail rides. She loves being a member of the Midwest Renegades Drill Team and riding with this wonderful group of people.

Sandol and Skylar

Lauren and Black Jack

Lauren started riding at 7 developing a background in Western Pleasure and Speed events.  With BlackJack it was love at first sight. They learn more about each other everyday. She is very excited to partner with Blackjack to ride with  some amazing people as a 2019 MidWest Renegade!