The Dirt Devils


The MidWest Renegade Dirt Devils is a team designed for riders ages 7-18. In 2008 the children stopped watching and joined the fun. Boy have they done a great job. Their first performance was in early October of 2008, after only 2 practices. The coaches teach the kids how to combine the fundamentals of riding with music and choreography. The Dirt Devils have shown an incredible ability to pick up new maneuvers very quickly. The rider/horse partners have to be in the right position at the right time. On more than one occasion they have competed against, and out-placed adult teams in various competitions They have also challenged the other Renegade teams with their level of commitment to each other…not to mention being the cutest of the Renegade teams.

Your Midwest Renegade Dirt Devils!

Samantha and Gunnar

Samantha was itching to ride from the time she could walk. Samantha carried a banner in parades and helped at shows while taking lessons and dreaming of the day she too would carry a flag down Dole Avenue.  With some focused determination and a second horse in the family, Samantha rides as a MidWest Renegades Dirt Devil and takes lessons for vaulting and tricks like some awesome role models in her barn family.

Lainey and Cali

Lainey and Cali joined the Dirt Devils in 2020 and are excited to have a season in 2021.  Lainey rescued Cali two years ago and they are learning so much together.  They love drill team, rodeo, barrel racing, and just riding around for fun with friends.  These two sassy mares love to challenge each other to keep growing as a better team. 

Tarah and Breaker

Tarah has been riding since she was 5. At 9 years old she is the youngest 2019 Dirt Devil.  She will be riding her new horse, Breaker. They have come a long way in a short time and are growing well together. Tarah and Breaker will continue their journey and build a bond while performing on the Dirt Devil’s team.

Hadley and Cowboy

Hadley started riding at the age of 7 and has been passionate about horses ever since. Hadley joined the Dirt Devils in 2020. She is looking forward to a new year riding and working with her horse, Cowboy. Cowboy is a retired ranch horse but still has the go and the drive to be part of the team! Although the flags are not one of his favorite parts, he has enough trust in Hadley to push through his fear. Hadley first became interested in the Midwest Renegades when she saw them perform at the McHenry County Fair. She is very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing team.

PJ and Sis

PJ's love of riding started when she was just 3 years old and took off from there. She always knew she wanted to ride and fell in love with the idea of, one day, becoming a trick rider.  In 2020, at 9 years old, she joined the Dirt Devils as their youngest member riding Sis.  Her love for animals shines through in her riding and her connection with Sis grows stronger each year.  She loves to work with her friends on the team and horse around as they learn new skills

Allison and Mico

Allison’s love for horses began by following in her sister’s footsteps and the introduction of a kind, easy going Paint gelding named Amigo. This gentle giant has been there as she works through challenges and sets goals building confidence along the way. She loves riding and is the first to the barn, saddled and ready to go. She lost her buddy, Amigo, and has been on a journey, riding several different horses over the past couple of years in hopes of finding that partnership once again. Allison has a great love for animals and enjoys the challenge riding gives her. With fortitude, she pushes through with determination, digging deep to find her inner strength to trust her horse and her skills she steps up as a MidWest Renegades Dirt Devil.

Bailey and Teddy

Bailey has been riding since she was 6.  With her best friend and quarter horse, Teddy, there have been trails and speed shows, 4H and drill team. Bailey is returning to the Dirt Devils because Teddy absolutely loves to perform in drill. Together they are very excited for the new season.

Rebecca and Glory

Rebecca displayed her love of horses from the age of 3 when she would play with a newborn foal, even going out to the corral and sitting on the ground and letting him rest his head in her lap while napping. She started out with a challenging horse that would stop quickly causing some unscheduled acrobatics over the horse’s shoulder. She quickly learned to land on her feet (an important life skill), followed by learning to stick to the saddle.  She loves riding bareback adventures with an 8 year old Palomino half Arabian half Saddlebred named Glory. She has tenacity and a gentleness that instills trust in every horse she has worked with.  Rebecca and Glory join are excited to be new members of the MidWest Renegades Dirt Devils.