Although very happy with riding drill, some of the Renegades got a bit restless and wanted something more daring. In true Renegade style, they broke the mold in 2008 with the introduction of the trick riding, high performance team called, the MidWest Renegade Dare Devils!!

Riders range in ages from 16 – 30+, from all walks of life; eager to push beyond what anyone thought was possible. They combine the precision of drill with the acrobatic flare of trick-riding, which brings a whole new level of excitement to drill team riding.

Most trick riding demonstrations consist of one person doing a trick, usually with a barrier to keep the horse moving in a straight line. The Dare Devils perform tricks 6-10 at a time, with no barriers.

Your Midwest Renegade Dare Devils!

Nora and Tino

Nora has been riding since age 5 with all sorts of adventures along the way.  Over the past 11 years Nora has been a Dare Devil through graduation, getting married, and having a daughter.  It’s more than a team, they’re family.  Tino, Nora’s horse, has been going this for 3 seasons now and they can’t wait for more shows with the girls.


Jenny and Outlaw

Jenny Vlahos started riding at 7 years old. She started out riding hunter/jumper, and then went on to 3 day eventing. A move out west and some time working at a couple guest ranches in Wyoming and Arizona gave her an incredible opportunity to really learn western riding.

Dana and Sis

There were pony rides as a pre-schooler and lesson schedules starting at 5 but it wasn't until she met Sis that a horse settled into hear heart personally. Through much discussion and an incredible bond the precision of drill came alive between Dana and Sis. Over the past couple of years, while riding as a Dirt Devil, Dana has devoted more of her jumping lesson time to tricks. Now Dana is proud to join the MidWest Renegades Dare Devils.

Emma and Gangster

Emma started lessons to train to barrel race about six years ago. After watching the Daredevils perform, Emma was left in awe and with an unshakable dream of joining the team. In 2016, she was welcomed to the team riding Gangster, a 6 year veteran of the Renegades and a retired Medieval Times horse. Because of her burning love and adoration of all animals, Emma is starting college to become a large animal vet in the near future.

Megan and Xena

This is Megan and Xenas first year as Dare Devils! After seeing this team perform at Midwest Horse fair several years ago, she set her sights on the goal of becoming a trick rider herself! Megan has been riding for 5 years and was a gymnast for 16 years. Xena came to Illinois last year after her role as a ranch horse out west! She is easy going and loves speed!


Larissa and Shadow

Larissa is currently a student at Iowa State University studying Animal Science - PreVet. She was one of the original Dirt Devils, and this is her fourth year riding with the Dare Devils. Trick riding has helped expand her riding abilities and Shadow, her retired Medieval Times horse, enjoys it, too. Shadow and Larissa also compete in eventing and perform bareback and bridleless. Horses have made her who she is today and she loves having them as part of her life.

Mallory and Libby

Mallory is a junior at Carmel Catholic high school.  She has been riding for 7 years starting with hunter/jumper.  She would compete in jumpers, but always wanted to join a trick team.  Last year, watching the Dare Devils she knew it was her dream to be on the team. This year is her first year on the team with Libby, and right away their friendship grew and continue to get stronger each and everyday.  She has loved equines her whole life, so she dreams to be a large animal vet and chiropractor.


Jordan and Buck

Jordan started her equestrian journey as a 6 year old hunter jumper and has tried several disciplines since.  When she met Jenny and the Dare Devils she finally found her place.  Jordan and her partner, Buck, have been together for 5 years.  They are looking forward to many more years with the Dare Devils.

Lainie and Six

Lainie is a senior at Carmel Catholic High School. Lainie grew up riding horses with her family. She has competed in speed shows and done trail rides, but it wasn’t until seeing the Dare Devils perform that she knew exactly what she wanted to do. Lainie and Six are both new to trick riding, this is their second year on the team. They have worked together and learned from each other. They have come a long way and are excited for this year.

Jacklyn and Mac

At 9 years old Jacklyn switched from English to Western riding. Her first lesson was on Mac, a North American Spotted Draft Horse. Now, almost 7 years later, she has been paired up with him for her first year on the DareDevils. After riding with the Dirt Devils for 3 years and Vaulting for about 5 years she has learned how to trick ride in a few months. She loves the contrast between performing vaulting and trick riding, and she loves riding Mac-Attack.

Gaelyn and Brandy

Gaelyn and Brandy

Gaelyn started out and still continues to ride English and show in jumpers. In addition to riding English she joined the Dirt Devil team 4 years ago and knew right away she wanted to join the trick riding team. This is her first year on the Dare Devils and she is so excited! She loves learning new tricks and working with the team.