The Coaches

Our Coaches

Any team in any sport will perform poorly without coaching. The MidWest Renegades are blessed with a coaching staff that commit a tremendous amount of time and energy to working with each member of the team (human and equine) to help us realize our potential, and to make us more than the sum of our parts. Without their efforts our teams would not be where they are today.

Lisa H. – Coach

Lisa was a hunter/jumper as a child branching into the dressage arena and eventing as an adult.  When her daughter joined the Dirt Devil drill team in 2015, Lisa became more familiar with western riding and drill maneuvers.  As a MidWest Renegade rider Lisa has made a contribution to the team in both precision, encouragement and support to all the team riders and grounds crew. Lisa gladly steps in as back-up glitter fairy and performs in the parade pooper scooper “dance” routine.  With the addition of the Rebels, in 2017, Lisa offered to lend a hand or a second set of eyes and almost reluctantly stepped into big boots as required to keep teams rolling and ready to perform.

Nora – Coach

Our Founders


Horses have always been Bev’s passion and in 1988 she started riding more seriously and enjoyed competing in the hunter/jumper world, and then 3-day eventing. From there she competed in Dressage and decided she wanted something more. So in 2002 she joined a drill team and realized this was something she wanted to do more of. In 2004 she started a drill team of her own — the Midwest Renegade Equestrian Drill Team. This team brings life to her soul, and they are a wonderful group of people — 2020 marked Bev’s last year with the MidWest Renegades, choosing to pick up stakes and move out of state.


Jenny has been riding since she was 7 yrs. old and has been a part of the Renegades since they began!! She started the Dare Devils in 2008 and is so proud of the girls and their talent.  2020 marked Jenny’s last year with the Renegade teams.