Who We Are

Since 2004 the MidWest Renegades Equestrian Drill Team from Woodstock, Illinois has been dedicated to providing quality entertainment for their audiences while keeping the fun in riding. The group consists of riders from different riding disciplines and experience levels riding a wide variety of horse breeds. Members range from age 7 to over 50 years of age, with each rider striving to reflect their motto: The Pride is in the Ride!

The MidWest Renegades are composed of four equestrian drill teams: the original "Renegades" (competition team); the "Renegade Dirt Devils" (youth team); the "Renegade Dare Devils" (trick-riding team); and the all new “Renegade Rebels” (adult performance and flag presentation team). You will find us performing in a variety of venues including: rodeos, county fairs, company picnics, charitable benefits, parades, horse shows, and competitions. Through training, and their performances our riders are on a path of continuous learning as they build their skills in team unity, discipline, confidence, communication and how to adapt to quickly changing circumstances.

Our teams regularly accept the honor of opening events with a flag presentation which includes our National Anthem. The privilege of presenting our Country's standard is one that we cherish, and we strive to carefully adhere to proper flag protocol in all of our performances.