The Teams (6)

We use all types of horses — quarter horses, draft crosses, & most any breed that can handle being close to other horses.  The only horses we do not use are gaited horses.

No — we do have a limited supply of horses for those who do not own their own.

We used to have auditions, but have chosen not to have them any more.  If you want to be a part of a team, we have you come watch, then we basically put you in with the team to ride.  If you and your horse get along with all we do and can make practices,  then we consider you a part of the team!!

We try very hard to keep your cost down which is why we rely on sponsorships so much.  We do ask the riders to pay dues every year (Renegade team=$100.00, Dare Devils=$85.00, Dirt Devils=$65.00).  This money is used to help pay our insurance costs every year.  There will be other costs as we order vests, coats & etc for the teams, but we usually only ask for a portion of the actual costs since we use our Renegade funds to cover the rest.

Our Dirt Devil team practices every other Thursday at 5:00p.m. — the Renegades practice every Thursday at 6:30p.m. and both these teams have all of December and January off.  The Dare Devils practice every Wed at 5:30p.m. & Saturdays at 11:00a.m.  Because they are a high-performance team they need to practice as much as possible.  All practices are held at Silver Spurs Equestrian Center in Woodstock, IL.

You must be 7 yrs old to be on the Dirt Devil (youth) team — you must be 16 yrs old to be on the Dare Devil (trick riding team), and you must be 16 yrs old to be on the Renegade team (adult team).

The Organiztion (5)

Although we have different people responsible for different areas of our teams, we ask that you contact Mama Renegade first and she can answer your questions and direct you to the proper person.  Her contact information is:  Bev Vlahos,Head Coach —  midwestrenegades@aol.com

Our sponsorship program is designed to obtain people and companies who would want to partner with us and support us as we offer entertainment to our community. We offer different levels of sponsorships to make it convenient to find a level that works for you.  We offer advertisement to all who participate and your company name is listed on a banner we take with us everywhere we go.  For more detailed information, please visit our web-site:  www.midwestrenegades.com

While we do several benefit performances for charitable organizations, we try when possible to at least have our costs covered for transporting 20 some horses along with providing tack & insurance.

The MidWest Renegades began in 2004 with a vision from Bev wanting to ride drill maneuvers on her horse with a group of people to music.

Our practices are held at Silver SPurs Equestrian Center, 1310 Lamb Rd, Woodstock, IL 60098