Where You Can Find Us



Date Event
April 21 -23 Midwest Horse Fair (Dare Devils)
May 6 Silver Spurs - Northern Illinois Outlaws (Renegades)
May 27  St. James Homecoming
May 29  Woodstock Memorial Day Parade
June 24  KMRR Competition (Renegades and Dirt Devils)
July 2 Crystal Lake 4th of July Parade
July 15 & 16 Wauconda Rodeo (Dare Devils)
July 23 Fiesta Days Parade
August 2 Ohio County Fair - Bowling Green OH (Dare Devils)
August 5    McHenry County Fair (Renegades)
September 16  Hoofed Animal Humane Society (Dirt Devils and Specialty Acts)
September 23 Aspire Dances with Horses
October 8 Danada Fall Festival