Where You Can Find Us



Date Event
April 21 -23 Midwest Horse Fair (Dare Devils)
May 6 Silver Spurs - Northern Illinois Outlaws (Renegades)
May 27  St. James Homecoming
May 29  Woodstock Memorial Day Parade
June 24  KMRR Competition (Renegades and Dirt Devils)
July 2 Crystal Lake 4th of July Parade
July 15 & 16 Wauconda Rodeo (Dare Devils)
July 23 Fiesta Days Parade
August 2 Ohio County Fair - Bowling Green OH (Dare Devils)
August 5    McHenry County Fair (Renegades)
September 16  Hoofed Animal Humane Society (Dirt Devils and Specialty Acts)
September 23 Aspire Dances with Horses
September 24 Bull Valley Riding Club (Roman Act and Dirt Devils)
October 8 Danada Fall Festival